A beautiful day in St.Augustine

   I had the most wonderful day in St.Augustine. The weather could not have been more perfect, it was clear and breezy and the perfect temperature before staying outside all day. I arrived at the beach in time enough to see the sunrise and shining brightly.  Afterward, I took a long stroll to meditate and relax mentally and to just look at the water and not rush. I like to collect shells. so I did a little shell collecting and took my sweet little time. There’s this coffee shop right across from the beach, they also have two other locations, called Kookaburra they have the best coffee so far that I have found in St. Augustine. I went to the location on Cathedral street by Flagler college. I highly recommend the honey badger with cinnamon (my favorite) honey obviously and vanilla. It’s pure deliciousness. Most of the time I relaxed and of course took pictures because I love photography. I actually had someone asked me if was a photographer. LOL. Today was so beautiful and feel so blessed to live in such a gorgeous state. Below are just some photos that I took along the way in one of my favorite maxi dresses that I bought last year from Dillard’s I always and did compliments on the dress. The navy background compliments the brightly colored floral print. I hope that you enjoy the pictures.

 Greek Orthodox Cathedral Archway.

The oldest wooden school.
A friendly midday reminder for myself.

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