My little autumn activity list

It’s autumn in the house🍂

Hi Friends! Here’s my first blogpost for the Autumn season. It’s my little “Autumn activity list.” In this season of my life embracing each season and taking one day at a time is so important to me, as well as a priority.

So this is my “little” list of things I would love to do during the season. Pumpkin patch with my family is always a favorite, Sunset boat rides are a favorite of my mom and I. We love going during the summer, but it’s usually always a thunderstorm. So it’s always safe to schedule to during the cooler months. Plus, I get tower a cozy sweater and watch my favorite animal (dolphins) while watching the waves.

Speaking of animals- One thing on my list is helping a friend bathe her horses. I’m super excited to get my rain boots on and hang out with my second favorite animal.

I’e been wanting to add window boxes to certain windows on my house and I love the idea of dressing it up with al of the autumn foliage. last but certainly not least and this may be the first to be marked off of my list, its make a delicious soup. I’m thinking a tasty squash soup. My favorite! What’s on your Autumn activity list this year? I’d love to know.

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