Sunday Funday

Hi Friends!

Spending this Labor Day weekend with my precious nephew. A little bit ago I purchased this adorable canvas teepee for him. Because I knew he’d be spending the three day weekend with Nana (our mom) and I.

The cutest teepee

I actually love this little teepee myself, I don’t even mind leaving it up-lol 🤣. I wanted something that went with the aesthetic of my home; yet still be super fun for my nephew. And he loves it. We spent some time in there and read a favorite childhood book that his mommy (my little sister) and I read when we were little. It’s the cutest little book about accepting your appearance. The pumpkins were originally in the fireplace but my nephew loves playing with them. So that’s why my mom neatly arranged them around his little teepee 😂

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We also picked up some new clothing for him. You can shop it all here. Along with the entire post- you can shop it linked here.

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