Life and Learning…

I’ve learned so much since having the stroke and dealing with autoimmune issues – the first being to not neglect myself.

Prior to all of this I was constantly neglecting myself and wearing myself down to the ground. Not eating enough or eating super unhealthy caffeinated beverages for dinner instead of eating real food. Or eating super quickly because I needed to hurry and get to my next stop or project on my long list. Now I’m definitely not complaining, I’m grateful for every blessing and staying productive. But at the same time I was carrying a load that was definitely too much for one human to carry on their own.

As I sit and type out this blogpost, I’m currently eating at one of my favorite little Mediterranean restaurants. It’s been forever since I’ve been here and I’m savoring every single moment and chewing really slowly and enjoying the atmosphere. Because for one: I’m super grateful to be alive and to be able to eat anything at all. After everything I experienced it’s made me more aware of time and life’s brief moments.

I’m still dealing with a lot of nerve pain which is still a mystery (but I’m told it’s something autoimmune) . But I did have a really good day on Monday- the first pain free and mentally good day in 8 months. And that is great!

Last year this time, I was starting to not feel well very fatigued, lethargic, tired and so weak. And let’s not forget brain fog. I’m so grateful to say after lots of praying, research and working with a holistic practitioner and nutritionist. The fatigue and other symptoms have subsided so much. I’m eating more and healthier and the supplements I’m taking are tailored to my needs and it had helped so much. My food list includes fresh farm eggs and lots of organic and grass fed meat. And I make a weekly pot of bone broth that I sip every morning and sometimes evening. Needless to say: I’m definitely working hard at not neglecting myself anymore.

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