Spring maxi in Lilly

New Lilly Pulitzer for spring

This morning a part of the afternoon was willed with blood work for test and treatment for low blood count. I was initially extremely anxious about getting the treatment and once it started o thought I was going to have an anxiety attack. But guess what?! I didn’t and I’m so grateful. I prayed last night and this morning for peace and comfort to get through everything today and for the treatment to help and to not have any allergic reactions. I’m so grateful for the answered prayers🙏🏾For some that may be small but for me it’s huge because I’ve had moments of struggle the last month. So improving on the anxiety end is great! And I want to thank everyone who messaged me encouraging and helpful stories and for all of the kind comments. It means so much. So I’m twirling into healing and improvement in my new dress from Lilly Pulitzer.

This dress runs bigger, so size down. It’s flowy and stunning for church, picnics, a walk on the beach and even brunch. The buttons are functional and the tassels are a great touch. Cardigan is an older Lilly piece but there are several new pieces available.

Stunning maxi dress. Size down.
Cardigan is an older lilly piece. But here’s a similar one

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