New Leaf, New Perspective

Hi Friends! Spring time is almost here. In fact, it’s actually here in my home state of Florida. Spring time is like turning a new leaf, a fresh start and a new perspective.

While I was in the hospital and after coming home, my whole perspective changed about how I look at aging. As a Christian, I always have my sights on my eternal home in the New world with God where there is no aging.

But here on earth we age and as humans we worry about aging; whether it be worry about what’s going to happen as we age or if we will start falling apart physically as we age. Or for some it’s all about losing their beauty or appearance as we age. But after experiencing a life change event like a blood clot in the back of your head- aging sounds wonderful. It means that you get to experience life and every day of life is a new leaf, a new experience, a new opportunity. And worrying about our beauty, appearance or gaining a wrinkle or gray hair is actually a beautiful blessing.

So hopefully my post helps put things into perspective for you the next time you fret over aging. Think of it as a gift.

Now on to things a little less serious- This lightweight quilted jacket is the perfect transition jacket for those early spring days. It’s reversible and has the prettiest block print floral patterns and piping. The cuffs can be folded to give a little contrast. I styled mine over a white dress for a beautiful day out with my Mama as we watched the horse show (therapy) and enjoyed the weather.

Thank you to All in the Details for gifting me this beautiful quilted jacket and Thank you to Mom for the photos.

And thank you for stopping by.


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