Citrus moments and healing from Anxiety

Hi Friends,

I wanted to share with you some great things I was gifted recently and some great recommendations to help with anxiety.

As you all know what I faced last week was completely traumatizing and left me with a lot of anxiety and trouble sleeping. I was recently gifted by my LAKE Pajama family some cozy, super soft pajamas and I was extremely touched by the kindness. They sent them to me in the most beautiful citrus shades and I’m currently sitting in them now. You can find everything I have here and more.

For anxiety, I was recommended Lavender essential oil for my essential oil diffuser to help me relax at night. There’s also melatonin, lavender infused Epsom Salt for bubble baths that I definitely want to try. I also have been adding orange, lemon and lemon grass oils to my shower to uplift my mood while showering and I LOVE it. It’s not only uplifting, but it’s so refreshing and smells so good. I’ve also added lots of vitamin C in my diet to help boost my immune system while healing and recovering, it has helped with the lightheadedness as well. It’s amazing the natural things we can consume that helps our body heal.

Also, pictured is this sweet little handmade quilt that a Friend from church made me (she’s like an aunt.) It is so sweet and delicate and I love the lavender details and the buttery yellow flowers. It sparks so much joy every time I look at it.

Just an update: The anxiety is starting to subside, Thank God. I’m truly grateful for everyone who is helping me during this time. I definitely want to help others who have faced the samething and let them know that it’ll be alright.

Citrus šŸŠ tones

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