Make My Bed EveryDay-New Year’s

Hi Friends! I only have 2 goal’s for 2023. I’ll save my most important one for another blogpost. But the second one on the list is: Make my bed everyday. Yes, I’m not perfect in this area and I’m also not the worst. I really would like to get up in the morning, even its super dark and early in the morning, I still want to be productive and start my day with a well made bed. When i do make my bed, I feel so accomplished and even if there’s a pile of laundry in the basket waiting to be steamed and hung. My room still will look somewhat put together with my bed being made.

So even though a small goal-its something I want to get better at doing. A. recently made a few purchase to spruce up my bedding for winter and to make it extra cozy. This pillow is so pretty in person and I love the embroidery texture. I also added an old chenille blanket that I’ve moved from room to room- lol. Also, this faux orchid is absolutely STUNNING! I love live plants and flowers, but I’m totally a big fan of realistic looking faux plants. This one does not disappoint.

Cozy winter bedding

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