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Happy Thursday Friends! I has been such a beautiful day; the weather these last few days has been on the cooler side- almost cold even. No complaints though, I’ve been waiting for this weather all summer long. Speaking of cooler weather, with the drop in temps not only comes coziness and a joyful heart and sweaters. But dry skin is also included in that too! As the weather gets cooler my skin starts to get quite dry. I have normal to dry skin, emphasis more on dry. So I have been on the hunt for some new hydrating, high quality and natural skincare. There are a couple bloggers that I follow that each f them recommended Biossance. So I purchased a few products from Biossance and its a 10 out of 10 for me! I’m so glad that I took the recommendation and tried these products. I purchased the Squalane+Omega repair cream which has a nice thick consistency and very hydrating. *Note it does have a very natural *unique smell due to not having any perfumes and being all natural. Some people find it smells odd; I, however don’t mind it because I rather have a fragrance free natural product going on my face than toxins. But I just wanted to make you aware of it. I also purchased the Squalane+zinc mineral sunscreen. I’m very pleased with its application, as I don’t like that white cast some sunscreens leave on the skin. And I found it moisturizing as well. Lastly, the Squalane+Vitamin C serum, I’ve been wanting to incorporate Vitamin C and a good serum into my skincare, especially one for dark spot removal like this one. All of Biossance products are suitable for sensitive skin and plant based and natural.

NO filter and NO makeup

As you can see I have very flawed skin with a few dark spots. So I’m hoping that the Vitamin C and dark spot serum will help out. You may know this already but I do not wear makeup, I like an all natural you get what you see look- LOL. So taking care of my skin INSIDE and OUT means a lot to me. Biossance is running a special if you buy a set you get up to 34% off the set. Which is great! I’d definitely take advantage of that deal. You can also find Biossance at Sephora.

Sweater and skincare

Let me know if you try any of these products and if you love them after trying them. And never underestimate recommendations. Because I would have never known about this skincare line with two bloggers. Thank so much for stopping by! And feel free to leave a message or ask questions.

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