Affordable Skincare-Mom Edition

Just a few of My mom’s skincare products

Hi Friends!

My mom was so kind to share her favorite skincare products that she uses. And one thing I’ve learned is that she has a lot of them! My mom is a big believer in taking care of your skin and she has always been this way- Trust me, I know.

Some products she uses I’m unable to link because they are her own natural DIY oils/serums/moisturizers. If you’d like to know her DIY vitamin C moisturizing oil, let me know, I can ask her to do a separate post for that one.

For face wash she uses The Alba Botanica pore cleanser with pineapple enzymes . It has vegetarian ingredients and no parabens. She uses her diy vitamin c oil moisturizer, but if she doesn’t have her mixture made up at the time this serum is her go to. Mom is very into oils this one of her favorites here and this moisturizer. This moisturizer is very inexpensive but Mom loves it and says it’s her favorite.

Her night time routine is more thicker creams and butters. My mom is constantly complimented for her great skin and having no wrinkles and it’s because she takes care of her skin.

For a freshener this spray is a must! A great sunscreen is linked here.

Here’s a hand cream that mom also loves. It’s my favorite too!

All of these products mom uses are very inexpensive which shows skincare doesn’t have to break the bank account. And remember everyone’s skin is different, but feel free to try any of these. I’ve found some great skincare products just from bloggers recommendations.

Special thanks to my mom for sharing some of her favorite affordable skincare products. And thank you so much for stopping by.

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