Fall enjoyment list

Autumn coastal grandmother essentials

Hi Friends! I’m back with another fun post and I’m wanting to share my fall enjoyment list- Coastal Grandmother edition. Some would call it a bucket list, but I wanted to put my own spin on it and call it a “fall enjoyment” list. Because I want to enjoy every single moment of my favorite season.

So first off on my “Fall enjoyment list-Coastal Grandmother edition.”

  1. First off I want to take in all of the color changes of the leaves/blooms all around me. I love foraging for wild flowers that are blooming and bringing nature in.
  2. Take my sweet pup out on a cool evening walk either at the beach or around the neighborhood.
  3. I love riding my horse and waking up to the cool autumn air is just so delightful. Trotting and practicing is even more fun when its cooler outside. So taking a coastal ride sounds purely amazing
  4. The pumpkin patches are open and I’d love to grab a few white and heirloom pumpkins to fill the fireplace.
  5. Every autumn I love to make soup the first cool day of the new season of autumn. I usually make butternut squash; I might make a different kind this year. Stay tuned!
  6. Grabbing some great books and sitting by the ocean and reading, while soaking in the autumn sun rays and sand at my toes.
  7. Purchasing a couple more cozy sweaters. It’s not very often us Floridians get to wear a sweater. So purchasing a new sweater just sparks so much joy. Wearing it to walk along the shore and watch the sunset.
  8. Having a cozy day at home and sitting on my porch with my favorite iced vanilla coffee and just being grateful.

What’s on your fall enjoyment list? I’d love to know.

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