White Blazer Season

Hi Friends! The calendar still says summer at least for a couple more weeks. However, here in Florida it’ll be summer at least until the end of October early November. That’s just the nature of things here. Although I’m not complaining, i can’t take the freezing cold. I do love Fall though- it is my favorite season and the weather is just so perfect. And I especially love fall decor, clothes and colors. I love being cozy and I love the atmosphere and the subtle yet pleasant changes even in people. I feel like Fall is that season that everyone loves, so it makes everyone much more pleasant. At least from observation.

Wow! That was a long winded introduction to say that I love this outfit! It’s my take on the “Florida Fall” look. Even though the fashion gurus say “no white after Labor Day,” Here in the south that does not apply. Plus, you can wear whatever you want. So blazer season is right around the corner and I thought styling this stunning white linen and gold button blazer with a classic print like leopard would be a great combination. This dress is a very lightweight material and perfect for warm southern days, while still dressing for Fall. I paired mine with my favorite classic riding boots, an iced coffee, my wool Mindo hat, sunglasses, and my riding Crop for when I head out Horse back riding for the day.

The best sunglasses ever!

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