New Dining Room light

Brushed brass pendant light

My sweet home will be 90 years old in a few months. Both of my grandparents are younger than 90! I often think if these walls could talk what would they say? What have they seen? What was it like for the people living here during the depression? So many questions. All I know is that I’m super grateful for this old house, it’s imperfections and character, as well as beauty. And I love creating my own history here. And filling it with beautiful and thoughtfully curated items.

My latest design detail is this new light fixture in the dining room. It was a labor of love and once it was up; the hassle and hard work was totally worth it. It’s the perfect size brushed brass pendant and pairs well with the brushed brass curtain rods and vintage lamp.

My mom was so helpful with getting this light to working. She just gave me a working light bulb- lol 😂

Old light before
A very dated light fixture
During the process
A beautiful after of the brushed brass pendant

I love this light and it’s currently on sale too- only $79. Originally $99.

Happy weekend and thank you so much for stopping by.

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