New Curtains for tall ceilings

Hi Friends! I wanted to share with you my latest home purchase. And that is curtains, yes, curtains! And not just curtains, but linen-like blackout curtains. The ceilings in my home are on the high side; like most older and historic houses. Back in the day, like approximately a century ago, they built houses with high ceilings because there was no air conditioning. So they needed higher ceilings and other architectural features for air circulation. Hence, why I’m telling you about these curtains. They have multiple sizes , including ones for tall ceilings. And I love them- I could not be happier with them. I was on the lookout for linen blackout curtains because I love the natural linen look and plus, I need the blackout to help reduce the heat coming from the sunlight in the evening time. Which makes the house sooooo hot in the summer. The quality is amazing and the price is the best I’ve found for this length and quality and believe me- I’ve looked everywhere. They come in other colors if linen tan is not your cup of tea. Another feature I like about it, is that the panels are also wide. So the cover the whole entire window. My favorite curtain rods that I use I multiple rooms is linked here. Very sturdy and the look and quality are also beautiful. Like I stated before, these are the best curtains ever!

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