Lovely Inspirations vol.02

Hi Friends! I’m back with another blogpost of all things that are inspiring me.

Summer Berries

I’m so inspired to make this super easy summer berry salad. Especially with black berries from the garden.

Northeast coastal living

I have been so inspired by summers in Nantucket and the northeast. Love this article all about coastal living in Nantucket and Rhode Island. My dream is to one day visit the northeast coast.

Farm house table

I have a DIY Project coming up and this table is definitely inspiring me. Mostly the top I love.

The perfect linen beach sweater

I’ve been spending lots of nights at the beach. Which is my favorite place on earth to be. Lately I’ve been spending my time there until the moon appears and it’s dark out. Beach sweaters are perfect for those chilly nights; especially on the east coast where I live closest. The wind can really pick up as the sunsets.

Grace Farm roses

I’ve been inspired to create an all white rose arrangement. Grace farms is having a 25% off a custom bouquet with code CUSTOM. They have the prettiest roses I have ever seen.

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