My ideal Friday night routine

Hi Friends, I love a calming start to the weekend. But this Friday was my ideal Friday night where I was able to wind down and relax and have a cozy night. I had a long work day and just wanted to come home and relax.My night dress and robe is from last year’s Julia Berolzheimer and Lake Pajamas collaboration. so Unfortunately, its no longer available. However, Lake Pajama launched their latest collection and my is it *cute! Here are my favorites, here, here, here, and here.

I’ve been exploring different skincare products just to try them out and I have been loving the Trader Joe’s Lemongrass coconut body oil. It’s perfect for this time of year, very lightweight and it smells so fresh. I love anything lemon or citrus. MaeLove has been a favorite for a while, I love the Argan oil and this one too, which I also have in my skincare collection. This Manula oil has been restocked and its also a good one that’s lightweight. My *FAVORITE night time facial cream that I have been using for quite a while now is this one, along with the eye cream. I use this daily for my lips its very moisturizing. I also use Eucerin if I’m having a dry spell.

My favorite way to wind down is either with a hot shower or a nice bubble bath. My prayer and dream when I purchased my house was to have an old clawfoot tub and God made it happened. So every time I take a bubble bath I think how God made this happen and my heart is so grateful.

So back to bubble baths, It’s been 99, 100, and 101 degrees outside, so sitting in a hot bath just didn’t sound fun. So instead of a hot bubble bath, I ran a mild warm kinda cool bubble bath to be a fresher. I added some lemon grass essential oils and grapefruit body soap as bubble bath.

I love reading and I love having my nightly devotions and reading book in my cozy bed. My bedding will be linked here, Trust me if you get these sheets you’ll thank me. My exact pillow cover in this beautiful block print is linked here. I recently started journaling again and writing out what’s on my heart- That’s more of a morning routine, which I’ll write about soon. But ending the night in prayer and grateful heart and beautiful flowers really helps with a good night sleep and add cranking the air conditioning up too for these hot nights helps too!

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