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Hi Friends!

I started 2022 with a completely different mindset for my love of blogging and sharing photos. We all know that Instagram is so fickle and you never know what to expect. I was having a conversation with a fellow blogger and she had mentioned how tiresome posting on social media can be and that she has had to take a break. I often feel that way and I did take a break at the end of last year and refocused on what I want my brand and blog to look like.

So continuing with my opening statement: I started 2022 with a goal of focusing on my mental, physical and most importantly spiritual health. And making that I priority- So far I have been able to maintain that 60% of the time. which is great for me! So I also wanted to share things that I love (more interior design) and that I want to share and take on a very limited amount of sponsored partnerships. Because authenticity and being creative is what I love most- That, I have been able to accomplished. I’ve turned down way more and accepted very few. And Most of those I’ve accepted are repeats and brands I wear, buy from personally and love. I’ve also been very free about what I post, If I love it and it speaks to me and its beautiful, I’m going to post it. Even if I only get 10 likes and lose followers. You’ve probably noticed more interior design, lifestyle post and flower arranging- And it’s been so freeing to have that mindset.

One other thing that I have added to my mental health list is doing things that I love, like going to the beach, gardening and horseback riding. I’ve received questions about the latter and wanted to share that I used to ride when I was a teenager and horses are *VERY prominent here where I live. Some of the most popular horses live here and have raced or been shown all over the world. So I’m very familiar with horse life- being from horse capital. So I recently started riding again and it has been Oh so lovely and actually kinda natural. I thought I’d be nervous since I haven’t rode in so long. But I’m so glad that I took up this old adventure and got back in the saddle. It helps me appreciate nature and the beauty all around me- instead of hanging out on my phone so much.

I know that this is a lengthy post. But I wanted to catch you up on Life and Blogging. And I truly appreciate each and everyone of you who shop my links, share and save my post, follow my blog and for all of your support of my more random post these days. I appreciate each and everyone of you.

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