Tutti-frutti for Mother’s Day

Just call me a fruit salad by the water

This print! That’s all I can say, is this print! The first time I laid eyes on it, I was smitten. I thought this is the most perfect spring dress and reminds me of a delicious and tropical fruit salad. This dress which was so kindly gifted to me from Crosby by Mollie Burch, is inspired by all things Florida. Their whole spring collection was actually photographed here in Sunny Florida.

So when I seen the print I thought this would make a great dress for brunch with my mama, by the water (our favorite place to be) on mothers days. This dress has such cute ruffle sleeves and a smock top. I paired mine with a white denim jacket because believe it or not it was quite chilly down by the water and very very or should I say berry breezy😆🍓 Be sure to checkout this latest collection which is perfect for Spring and Summer events.

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