Two Home items I can’t live without

There are two things that I must have in my house at all times! And they are candles and flowers/greenery. No matter how I’m feeling about my house at the time; if I add a case full of flowers or greenery from the backyard and a good smelling vase, it always makes me feel so happy and cozy. 🌿

I just picked up this candle- it’s a new to me brand and so far I’m liking it. This scent has a very fresh vibe which I love. The brand is Cereria Molla .

My all time favorite candle scent is anything citrus! I love lemon, grapefruit, orange and lemongrass scents. I love them on their own and mixed as well. This candle is in a driftwood vessel so it’s more on the pricier side, but so worth it because the vessel can be used for other things afterwards. This was a gift and I CAN NOT explain to you how much I love this candle. It is grapefruit and pine and it is the perfect combination of citrus and fresh. It makes the entire house smell AMAZING! I’m not exaggerating either. I have since bought smaller versions of this candle whenever I can find them. They sell out very fast- so that should tell you something about the scent. There’s also a patchouli scent that just came out in the same vessel if that’s more of your taste.

Here are a few more candles along the same line as mentioned above. This candle is Lime, basil, and Mandarin.

We all know about the classic universally loved Capri blue candle. It’s also my favorite. I love that they take the same candle scent and put it in different jars that could match your homes aesthetic. This one is wrapped in Seastone and matches my home perfectly!

And let’s not forget the much needed candle accessories like this and we have to be able to light the candle so this is much needed as well and it can be recharged. I linked the wick trimmer that I have above and here. However, you can get the kit here and it includes everything to care for your candles. Comes in rose gold and black😍

Now on to flowers and greenery! No need to purchase anything, you can always grab whatever is growing from your garden or just greenery growing from your plants. It adds a lot of freshness and good energy to a home.

What are some things that you can’t live within your home? I’d love to know.



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