Tote season

I love totes and carry one every day. That’s my personal bag of choice. I carry so much stuff, that a little purse is just not practical for me.

However, I feel that certain totes are for certain seasons. I rounded up a few bags that are perfect for spring and summer and even days on the beach!

My tote featured below is from Africa and I love it! I found a similar one on Etsy that’s from Moroccan and for about the same price that I paid for mine.

This tote is less than $100 and can be worn every day. This little bucket shaped bag with the pearls is a statement bag and great for parties.

Lastly, this bag is stunning 😍 and pricier but the details are stunning and just purely amazing.

Love these

Which ones are your favorites?

Thank you so much for stopping by.

Hugs from Florida 💜

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