Loving Lately Part 14

Hi Friends! I’m back for another round of “Loving Lately.” I’m sharing all of the things that I have been loving lately.

First off, It has already been quite a rainy spring. Even though we are about 10 days into spring. But I have been consistently wearing this Utility style Rain jacket and my oh my has it come in handy. It’s so classic and chic, as well as useful. The color in this style is sold out, but there are two other beautiful colors that are still available and an extra 50% off. Yes, and extra 50% off Making both colors less than $45. Use code SHOPNOW for the discount.

A great shoe that I’ve been loving and that are a necessity , are my rain boots. I’ve been eyeing the bright yellow pair.

Next up is a food item. I have been loving, i mean loving pickled carrots! I found these at Earth Origins which is more of an organic food market with healthier foods and supplements. They are quite expensive, so i’m going to try to make them on my own. But they are a quick and easy snack and a perfection addition to my salads as well. So if you’re into pickled vegetables, I highly recommend these.

I’ve been in the process of revamping my front porch and adding more warmer colors. I stumbled upon this beautiful 100% linen pillow at HomeGoods and instantly knew that I just had to have it. The colors are Perfect and just what I love. My house is a very coastal green so the mulberry color is such a beautiful contrast. I’ll share more details on the porch soon.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you so much for stopping by!


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