Introducing Living Shae interior Decorating

I’m so excited to announce I’m now taking on *limited Interior Decorating projects. As you know, Interior Design is what I studied and it truly is my passion and I enjoy it. I have been thinking about taking on some projects for a while now and praying about it. And now seems like the best time to expand my horizons and start creating for others again. After completing my courses, I had some independent projects, but with the recession and all; it just wasn’t the right time. I’ve had people ask me over the last couple years if I were going to take on projects or if I’m currently decorating and my answer has been no- until now. So I wanted to share that it’s official! I’m back to offering Interior Decorating services

Mood Board for a bedroom Design

I’ll everything from picking paint colors to picking the perfect drapery, furniture layout to adding the perfect accessories and even flower arranging.

I’ll be keeping it for now, in the Central and North Central Florida area. And down the road will expand east and more on the coast.

So excited!💜💜💜💜💜Thanks for joint in on my new journey and reviving my passion!

To reach me feel free to email me at

So many hugs,


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