St. Augustine Recommendations

We all know that I’m a tried and true St. Augustine lover. I’m there a lot and its my favorite place to be. I love the history and the old Florida coastal vibe. And there’s so much to see and learn.

So I wanted to share only a few St.Augustine recommendations with you.

The Alligator Farm is a great place for children. My nephew really enjoyed it and he was amazed at all of the exotic birds and gators. They have an alligator feeding time and the loud bellow was quite frightening! But very interesting at the same time.

Obviously the beach is a must and there are multiples along the way.

The lighthouse is beautiful and definitely worth seeing.

The Bridge of Lions is also so beautiful to walk on over the marina and look at all of the boats. You can sometimes spot dolphins.

Casa Reina

We usually eat at the same places, but Casa Reina recently opened up and we have already gone a couple times. Their crispy shrimp tacos are DELICIOUS and I get them every time. I am not a big dessert person, sweets are just not my thing – Salty food is a different story. However, I do have my favorite desserts that I have every once in a while, like on my birthday and that’s Tres leche cake. Casa Reina’s Tres Leche cake is so good. I ask for extra milk because I love my cake soaked- lol. I highly recommend. Another food favorite is O’steens- the best seafood, especially shrimp. It’s a St. Augustine landmark and must and there is always a wait. So plan for that.

My main recommendation is to just walk the old streets of the city and just admire all of the old architecture and history. I truly feel so peaceful when I’m near the water and around beauty and this city really captures pure beauty.

Let me know if you have any questions or recommendations of your own.


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