Drink Pretty

Do you have a pretty mug, glass cup addiction? I mean obsession or collection????😆Well, I have all three. My mom always teases me that I don’t need anymore glass cups and mugs. I tell her that I love drinking out of pretty cups.

I rounded up some new ones that I’ve discovered as well as have of my own.

I’m sharing a peek at my favorites.

My latest addition is this lily Pad cup and saucer.

I’m not really a hot drink lover. I occasionally have an iced vanilla coffee at home. But when I do I love unique ones. This one is new; but has a vintage look and is actually very well made and inexpensive. It is a Lily pad and comes as a set.

I love this one and it comes in other prints.

I hope you have a Happy and beautiful morning drinking your coffee and tea out of a pretty glass or mug.



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