Loving Lately Part 13

Hi Friends! If you’re unfamiliar with my “Loving Lately” post. It’s where I share all of the things that I have been loving lately. From home decor, food and outfits.

First off, let’s talk about this candle from Trader Joe’s. Now, I had no idea that they even had candles until Blaire from the Blog TexaFlora mentioned it. So, when I went to Trader Joe’s recently, I picked it up and y’all it smells so good. Its hands down one of my favorite candles now. It’s so fresh citrusy enough and earthy all at the same time. And all of those scents together are my favorite. I love my house smelling fresh. Add this candle to your list next time you’re in Trader Joe’s.

Next up is this beautiful block print maxi dress. You all know that I’m a maxi lover and this dress is just stunning. Perfect dress for Church, Spring pictures and brunch with your besties. I can not recommend this dress more and here I wrote a blogpost with more pictures and styling details.

This candle smells heavenly ✨

Next up, is my Chicken and waffle recipe. Friends it was so good that I’m day dreaming about it now. I linked the recipe for you- thank me later.

Short list for this Loving Lately edition. But I’ll be back soon for more. Stay tuned! And have a great weekend.

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