Building a unique Gallery art wall

Hi Friends!

I love collecting unique and valuable sentimental artwork. When I buy art, it has to mean something or have a unique vibe to it. In order for me to take the time and stick a hole in my wall and hang a piece of artwork, it also has to be beautiful to me too.

And let’s not forget frames– I love the idea of mixing frames. Mixing frames is my personal favorite way of adding character to my walls.

But if you like a more cohesive look, stick with that. Especially if you have a lot of brightly colored art; you’ll want to keep the frames the same in order to draw attention to your artwork. I buy my frames from all over; however, I do love the Frames from this company. (Not sponsored) just a great source for frames.

My reading nook gallery wall is filled with sentimental pieces.

Start with a focus piece

Start with a focus piece and build around it. My focus piece is a beautiful pencil sketch drawing of my home, that was gifted me from my best friend as a gift. And I love this piece. I added native Florida, southern and coastal pieces around it because all of that represents me.

A large portion of these pieces are from local or southern artists or antique finds. Jenna Alexander , Camilla Moss via Liza Pruitt art gallery, and plenty more.

This plate of oranges are a perfect touch to the oranges on the wall. It adds a cohesive touch.

A gallery wall should be a reflection of you. I think mine definitely reflects my aesthetic perfectly!

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