Weekend Devotions & Rest

So far for 2022 has been my year of refocusing, refreshing and spending a lot more time with God. We often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, but ultimately where we spend eternity is what matters most. So today I’m sharing my favorite playlist with soft instrumental hymns and gospel song- think Hobby Lobby music on a playlist. I’m also sharing a Bible devotional app that is great for daily verses and you can join others in studying God’s Word. It’s a great app!

So let’s start with how I like to wind down on the weekend and get into a resetting mind frame. I love to buy flowers and make an arrangement, or collect flowers from my garden and light a candle. Just those little things put me into a cozy, refreshed state of mind; so that it leaves room for me to just focus on God. I then like to put on comfy clothes and sit either in my reading nook or window seat in the foyer and Grab my Bible and start to study. I know that with modern technology apps are very popular and that I just shared an app with you. However, there’s something special about having God’s word and flipping through tangible pages that makes the experience so much better. Another thing that I do on days of rest is ignore my work emails, all of that will still be there later. It’s just me and God time.

Lighting a candle always gets me into a restful mind.
Getting out in Nature is also so peaceful. It makes you appreciate God’s creativity🌸

Also, I love studying with some notes from church that are great visuals for whatever the topic is. This is a great visual paper of our Christian Journey of Spiritual Life and Spiritual Death. Be sure to take time to read these verses; they’re good for the heart.

I also love getting out in nature and looking at how creative God is. A little video above of an example.

This is a great visual of our earthly Christian journey

I also love spending time in prayer, because prayer changes things and can ease a weary soul! Lastly, it may seem simple but the resting part is so good for you. God created the Sabbath for us humans to stop all work and to get some rest. To be honest napping is my favorite and what I do best- LOL!

Thank you so much for stopping by and hope you have a restful weekend.

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