Light Fixture repair

Hi Friends!

If you remember, over the weekend I did a little antique/thrift/vintage shopping. I found a bunch of beautiful and unique pieces.

One being this vintage 1970’s wicker lamp. Now, mind you this floor lamp is over $500 online. But I was able to scoop it up for $45. It needed a new plug– they were broken off. But I have some diy electrical skills and was able to tackle that project in 10 minutes. It was soooooo easy and the piece that it needed only cost $3. So compared to $500, I think I hit the jackpot with this beautiful lamp.

I have to say, I almost passed on this light fixture because I thought It’d be super hard to replace the plug. But you all encouraged me to go back and get it. I sooooo glad that I did! It looks beautiful in every room of my house; so it’ll be traveling until I decide where I want to keep it- LOL.

But the little plug piece came with super easy instructions and I also looked at a short youtube vide just to make sure that I did it correctly. But I basically took off the old plug cut back some of the wire wrap to expose some of the copper wire. I then pulled the wire through the new plug and screwed the wire to the new plug and voila! It sounds complicated but it was not! Super easy. I’ll link a video here so you can see how easy it was and I’ll link my before and after video here. Be sure to like and share and subscribe to my blog for more fun and inspiring blogposts

Light on at night. 🌜
For reference, heres the lamp fixture and look at the price!!!!!!

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  1. Nancy wrote:

    What a deal! Great job repairing it and it looks beautiful in your house!

    Posted 2.1.22 Reply
    • Thank you so much ☺️ it’s my favorite new piece in the my house

      Posted 2.2.22 Reply
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