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Hi Friends! I recently went down to Palm Beach where my favorite brand- Lilly Pulitzer first started and I stop by the flagship store on Worth Ave. I have a Lilly Store near me and go to all of the time, but there’s something so special about stopping by where it all began.

Anyways, I wanted to checkout all of the colorful sweaters that have been released. I truly think that Lilly has out done themselves in the sweater department this year. *So many beautiful sweater. I got to try on a couple of them while admiring the store. I’ll also, share the ones that I loved but didn’t try on.

Lilly Pulitzer Worth Ave in Palm Beach
The Tippie embellished sweatshirt with the palm trees is so cute.

I tried this sparkling embellished sweatshirt on and loved it. However, it does run a bit oversized (wearing an extra small here) and they didn’t have a smaller size in the store. So take note of that if are going to purchase this one. I love it and want to get it in my size. But I highly recommend it, it’d look great with a skater style skirt and tights and booties for a bit of an edgy prep look or you could style it more classic.

I’m loving the unique color block sweaters in the cashmere fabric. The tan/aqua sweater. Also, love the bright pink and coral color block sweater. I saw this beauty in person and love the gold embellished flower details. The unique take on our favorite Kippa sweater with pompoms and waffle detail. Loving it!

This one is my FAVORITE– for obvious reasons.

Let’s talk about this stunning purple color block cashmere sweater. This one won my heart and it is so beautiful! The color is so perfect.

Also loving the candy colored sweaters- Keeping the cool weather vibrant and colorful. This one reminds me of sherbert in a good way. LOL. And the solid pink tunic style. This style came out a few years ago and I got one. Very oversized and comfortable. The chevron pattern and cyan tones are also stunning, especially if you live on the coast. More cool toned blues with the embellished buttons on the shoulders.

Which is your favorite? I’d love to know. Mine is the purple cashmere one. It is stunning. I also love the palm one too!

Thanks so much for stopping by! and I hope you grab a fun and colorful sweater.


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