Packing up & Solo Travel Advice

I got all of the bags!

Hi Friends! As you know I travel a lot for my day job (just in case you were wondering, blogging is not my day job- Maybe one day!) However, I wanted to share with you what I packed and to share a new addition to my packing list. As well as sharing some helpful advice/tips for traveling solo.

Austin Fowler Packing totes

I recently received some great pieces from a small business brand Austin Fowler– I love their work bags and this packing bags.

I want to share with you what I packed in these- Taking care of my skin while traveling is so important to me. I received the set of three so in one bag all of my skincare is in it, the other I filled with my Oral care- toothbrush etc. Since I’m was traveling a long distance I included my electronic plugs, like ear buds, charger etc. I love so many pieces from this brand and was so excited when they reached out to me. If you’re interested in any of their pieces like this GORGEOUS bag in a beautiful Mulberry color– Be sure to use my discount code Ebonee25 which ends 11/15/21.

I love how functional these packing bags are, as well as chic and timeless.

These little packing totes are perfect for TSA if your Traveling via airplane.
I love that the larger one has a strap just in case you want to carry it as a bag through TSA.
Extra hair ties and clips are a must! As well as my favorite perfume at the moment. Only $10!

My J.Crew Lodge coat is my best investment- I’ll be talking more on this coat at a later post.

I brought my riding boots because us Floridians don’t like to be cold. Older Tory Burch style. Similar here.

This handy tool is a great for sweaters or jackets that get knobby pieces of lent stuck on them. It’s important to keep your sweaters and jackets in tip top shape. They last longer and they look good, even if they are older pieces. My Black work jacket gets a lot of those knobby lent like pieces (which I packed, but not shown) so I always have this on hand. Even when I’m not traveling; its an essential.

Dinner outfit, Purple and Leopard!
I packed two new Lilly pullover sweaters because they are warm and cozy to drive in.

I love traveling in comfy and cozy clothes and these two pullovers are from Lilly and are the best. They are loose because I sized up for an oversized fit. Also, don’t forget your favorite blanket. These fleece blankets are *sooooooo soft! And I bring one when I travel; its really warm too, especially if you get cold easy.

Lake Pajamas are so cozy

Always pack cozy pajamas- This dainty floral print is from the JBx Lake Pajama collection.

And I always have my Bible and an audio book or hardcover book with me! I must have those!

Solo Travel advice

So, traveling solo can be fun and exciting, but being safe is most important.

So I wanted to share some safety tips for us women if we are traveling solo.

  1. Stay connect- Let someone know your itinerary. Just so that they can check in on you if they start to get worried, if they haven’t heard from you on an extended amount of time. I did this when I went to NY solo- I texted my mom and sister where I was headed and sent them info on my Uber driver if I decided to take a ride instead of walk.
  2. Also, if you do take an Uber, be sure to take the option where you have another passenger. Not only is it cheaper, but you have another person riding with you.
  3. Always beware of your surroundings- Don’t be paranoid because that makes you look like you are a visitor. But keep your eyes up and not looking down at your phone. Also, scope out the area before you arrive just so you know some key landmarks.
  4. Make sure your phone is fully charged and kept on you at all times. My mom has drilled that in my head to where I have so many phone chargers in both of my vehicles. As well as in my purse- just in case.
  5. If you are staying in a hotel room and you leave or enter the room. Make sure the door shuts completely behind you.

There are so many more that I could share with you- But most of all enjoy yourself and cherish every moment!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



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