Gallery wall collage

I love a well curated gallery wall!

Hello Friends! Thanks so much for stopping by! As we enter my favorite time of year, Fall! I thought I’d share some great tips on making a cozy home for this season. And one of them is recreating a well curated Gallery wall. Every piece on my gallery wall has some sort of Sentiment; whether it be the orange prints, the pencil sketching gift of my house from my bestie, or my favorite and latest oyster piece from one of my favorite Art- Liza Pruitt.

I truly believe that having pieces in you home that have meaning really makes a house a home.

Tip number 1- Find pieces that have meaning.

Tip number 2- Move pieces from other rooms into another. Sometimes a piece will look good in one room and look even better in a another.

Tip number 3- Don’t be afraid to mix up frames and mats to add interest. Especially if you’re going for a non traditional vibe.

Tip number 4- Stick to a cohesive color palette and theme. I love an eclectic gallery wall like mine, but it all goes together with the old Florida/ coastal vibe.

Tip number 5- Add in a fun element. I added the wooden antelope head and its oe of my favorite features on this wall.

I hope that my tips were helpful. Be sure to check out Liza’s Art gallery for some beautiful pieces to add to your home.



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