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Hello and thanks so much for stopping by! I love a good cozy bed that I never want to get out of. I recently refreshed my guest room and recently received the most high quality sheet set that I’ve owned to date. The American company Red Land Cotton was so kind to send over these hem stitched sheets and I slept in them over the weekend and Sunday morning I didn’t want to get up. That’s how good they are- I hear they even get better with every wash. So I am beyond excited for my guest to sleep in them too!
My favorite part about Red Land Cotton and the wonderful items that they produce is that their products are made from cotton on their Northern Alabama Farm. I love supporting American businesses and Farmers. 
They also produce towels and even some classic clothing pieces. This won’t be the last time you hear me talking about this wonderful company.
I always like for my guest to be comfortable and feel at home as well as have a good night sleep. Like a cozy hotel suite kinda vibe. So these are all of the things that I had in mind when updating this room. When giving this room a refresher, I added an accent wall of seagrass like wallpaper you can shop here.
The next thing I did was upgrade the bedding- Like really upgrade. The sheets that I had were so low grade and they even started to pill after a few washes. So I was sooooo happy when these beautiful Hemstitch Red Land Cotton sheets showed up at my doorstep. 
My tried and true duvet is linked here but also love this one too!
I also updated the wall art- I have a quite the collection of African wall baskets that I have collected from various places like thrift shops. So here are some wall baskets that you can shop here and here. I love adding plants to every room, they just liven up a room and add such a vibrance and softness to a room.

I love pretty little vases these from Anthropologie are a great price too! 

I love these  and these are cute too!

The vibe that I was going for in this room was like the rest of my house cozy, boho/coastal. And I think that I nailed it. My accent pillows are from various places and the smaller one is from a global boutique in St.Augustine. I love the various block prints that were quilted into this beautiful pillow. I also love adding old pieces with new ones. I found this beautiful vintage, creamy chenille, fringe blanket at a thrift shop. And layered it with my beautiful new sheets and my well loved white duvet.  The peacock blue velvet chair is so vibrant and adds a pop of color it was a great find. It was one of those lucky finds. But here are a few similar ones here, here, here, here, and here.

 I hope that you love my Guestroom update! And special thanks to Red Land Cotton for sponsoring a portion of this post. 

All thoughts and opinions are authentic, honest and my own. 
Thanks so much for stopping by and see ya soon. 
Ebonee 💜

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