Loving Lately Part 10

 Snail mail time! Who else loves a good old fashioned handwritten letter? Raise your hands. Well, I do too, and today I wanted to share with you a couple Etsy shops where you can find the prettiest vintage stamps and some fun stationery from a cute little Florida business.  

You can find the stamps here and here. And the green toile stationery is from Giddy paperie in Winter Park, Fl. I’ll link their site here.

I’ve also been loving making boba tea. It has replaced my vanilla iced coffee that I use to drink as a treat. It is not super healthy. But I did a homemade recipe and used as many organic ingredients, aside from the boba, as I could. 
This kiwi, strawberry and raspberry combo was delicious. I’ll link the YouTube video here with other recipes to try as well. 
I recommend these straws for the boba or these if you don’t want to have plastic waste. 

I have been loving this white gauze skirt and the price is amazing! It’s perfect for those Long Beach walks, brunch or even church. I truly love this skirt and wear it a lot. I recommend sizing down. 

Thanks for tuning into my 10th edition of “Loving Lately!” 

Hugs from Sunny Florida!


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