New Lilly Endless Summer

 Hi and Happy Friday! I thought it’d be perfect to end the week with New Lilly Pulitzer endless summer arrivals. I plain terms, New fall arrivals from one of my favorite brands! I tend to buy a lot more fall prints because I gravitate towards more rich, deep jewell tones for my complexion. And the fall pieces every year have the best color schemes; like  amethyst purple, magenta, deep turquoise and rich deep blues. All so beautiful! I’ve had a sneak peek of some beauties in the fall collection and I’m ready to pour my wallet at Lilly- LOL😆

So lets start with sweaters and loungewear – I love a good popover and sweater during the cooler months.

1. Popover 2. Popover 3. Sweater  4.Finn tee and 5. Sweater 
These are beautiful new Lilly tops perfect for teachers and other workwear- I love this classic Elsa top in this beautiful turquoise leopard and tropical floral print.

1. Floral cami  2. Eyelet top 3. Elsa  4. Ruffle top  5. Etta top 6. Floral top 7. Leopard top

Dresses- we all know that I love dresses and these are gorgeous!

Lastly, accessories- every great outfit has beautiful accessories. These are my personal favorites.
Thanks so much for stopping by and enjoy your weekend. 

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