Lilac & Purple Dresses

Hello! Well, we all know how much I love purple and shades of lilac. So I’m sharing my favorites with you and some I own already.
So I love a gauzy orchid purple long sleeve dress to wear to brunch or an evening out. This. one is a great price and looks great on everyone. The second dress is a statement dress with the beautiful bow top detail and screams date night or fancy party! I love it! 
This third dress is just a stunning boho style; just so flowy and free and I love the patterns. 
I have the  fourth dress and love love love it! And I can not recommend it more. Its a great preppy and fun print and the style is so chic. The sleeves have a pretty gold button detail. 
This dress is new and the print and neckline is stunning and makes you look so glamorous. Even though the print is fun; the small details elevate it.
Lastly, this gorgeous dress is on my wishlist and has a pretty engineered print, great for a night out.
Here’s a bonus dress not shown is this lilac dress with gold details on the neckline. 
Which one are you loving?
Thanks for stopping by and much sunshine from Florida.


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