Blues and creamy whites

 Happy Monday Friends! I hope that its’ been a good one. Today I’m sharing more about three small business brands. One of them I mentioned on my instagram how I love their tote bag for work; I have been using it constantly. It holds so much and its great for trips too! The quality is absolutely amazing- I was quite surprised. I have quite the tote collection, so I’m very familiar with quality totes. I highly recommend Shore Bags- my tote is the Carmel linked here for you.

Next up is Mindo Hats– I have a blogpost dedicated to their hats here. I’m wearing one of my favorites and I have a dark blue ribbon on to match my outfit. My hat is custom but all hats come with a beautiful grosgrain black ribbon.

The Coast Brand has become a new favorite- their tops and dresses are embroidered in the prettiest hues and are made in India! It gives me all of the coastal vibes! Its also very breathable linen blend fabric, perfect for summertime here in Florida or wherever you may live.My top linked here  

I recently purchased my white gauze maxi skirt and I love love love it! I’ve been in need of a new white skirt my other one was worn out and old and doesn’t fit very well any more. I purchased this one for a very inexpensive price and its also an extra 15% off. Even better! I’ll link it here.
As far as sizing take your true size- I sized up because I wasn’t sure- I should’ve taken my regular size but its better loose than too tight. I’m also wearing the Tall option- Just FYI.
Thanks so much for stopping by.

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