My Vacation Tips

 Hi Friends! I have been in full action mode over here and I’m loving it! So I wanted to share with you my vacation tips to make your vacation time enjoyable and when you return from vacation an easy transition back into your regularly scheduled programming. 

Tip #1 Plan outfits according to activities and your surroundings. Like when mom and I were in Palm Beach, I packed outfits for spending most of our time by the water i.e. Lilly Pulitzer and Sail to Sable pieces.

Tip #2 Make your bed/tidy the house; so that its neat for when you return and it’ll be easy to unpack and get back to your regular schedule.

Tip #3 Scope out great places to eat and check out the menus before hand. Mom and I loved the Almond 

I ordered the most delicious Lobster omelette with avocado and bacon. OH MY SOOOO GOOD! We dined outside and it was breezy and lovely.

Tip #4 Explore! Find hidden gems and steer away from touristy areas- less crowds and you’ll be surprised by what you may find. Mom and I found the prettiest spots that I’ve never seen before and I’ve been to Palm Beach quite a few times. 

Tip #5 Relax- mom and I just enjoyed the warm breeze and found a little boba tea shop and walked around and relaxed by the water. It truly was so peaceful and relaxing and it helped me reflect on what’s most important. And embrace all of God’s beauty around me.
Tip #6 Download your favorite audiobooks or pick some up at the library. Choose ones with a timeframe according to your travel distance; so that you’re not getting too anxious but enjoying the car ride and listening to your favorite stories.

Lastly, Tip #7 Pack some healthy snacks- you never know when you might get a little hungry in between meals; but might not want to stop at every fast food or convenient shop. It saves you time and a little money.

I hope that my tips were helpful. These are what I do make a fun and refreshing trip.
Stay tuned for more.

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  1. Hayley wrote:

    Well if your Mom is not the cutest thing !

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  2. Livingshae wrote:

    Awe thank you so much! I think so too!

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