Flower Arranging

 Hello! So as promised, I wanted to share with you my personal flower arrangement tips. Now, Disclaimer* although I do have some floral arranging training under my belt- I am by no means an expert. But I have a philosophy that you can’t go wrong with flower arranging. You are pretty much arranging beautiful pieces of art in vase to display. How can it possibly go wrong?!

So first things first, grab all of your flowers- Specifically filler flowers, greenery, small flowers, and focal point flowers. Flower cutting shears, a vase of your choice, and tape to make a grid on the top of your vase.

Start by adding water to the vase and then start taping off the top of your vase to create a grid to start laying out the greenery as your base. Then start adding smaller flowers- I added ranunculus as and then my focal flowers were sunflowers and white peonies. I added some filler- this pretty purple Veronica.

I did a reel showing more details- I’ll link it here for you.

If you have a flower frog, feel free to use that in place of the tape.

If you make an arrangement please tag me, I’d love to see your arrangements.

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