New JCrew Summer Edition

Hi Friends! Over here planning some staycation/vacation outfits that are lightweight and summery, yet cute and chic. 
I’ll link each outfit and pieces individually. Loving the creams, white and muted pinks in the new Collection from JCrew.

Outfit number 1 paisley skirt– linen shirttotetan sandals 

Outfit 2 tote– the handle comes in three colors- block print sarong, comes in another pattern. Sandals on sale, comes in multiple colors. Blush beach sweater in a cool linen. 

Outfit 3 totevoile skirt, comes in multiple colors- linen beach sweaterwhite sandals

Block print top– perfect with a flowy linen bottom

Gorgeous blue and white striped dress

I love a good long sleeve dress- mostly because it protects your skin from the harsh sun. 

Beautiful print sarong– comes in other prints. 

Another beautiful pale blue dress, perfect for an alfresco dinner. 

Paisley printed dress– loving the muted pink color. 

 Outfit 4- block print smocked dresssandals and tote

Can’t wait for late spring staycation /vacation💜

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