Loving Lately part 7

 Hi Friends! How is it May?????!!!  I mean really! It really is true the older you get the quicker time goes. Anyways, you know what time is is- it’s what I’m “loving lately” time. 

Lately I’ve been loving beautiful glassware to drink plain ole water and occasionally iced vanilla coffee. I have a think for pretty glassware, cups and mugs- it’s literally a problem. Here are my most recent ones linked here, here and here

Two recipes that I’ve been loving is this vegetarian meal. Sweet potato black beans burger- I’ll link it here. Soooo tasty! 

Also, occasionally I get in the mood for baking; which doesn’t happen very often. I’m not really a good baker but I do enjoy trying 😂 I can honestly say, I’m a good cook but not a good baker. But this strawberry scone recipe will make any non baker feel good about their baking. 

Now on to books- I’ve always heard about “where the Crawdads sing” but never listened to it or read it until recently. And my was it a good one, I definitely recommend. 

I also, listened to “ the next girl” definitely a thriller and emotional. Warning: there is some language but the ending ends well, which is always good. 

Thanks so much for stopping by. I hope you check out my “Loving Lately” list.
From Florida💜

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