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Hi Friends! So I wanted to share with you a little home office inspiration. Now disclaimer* My office is far from perfect and is always so messy between my day job and filled with boxes from my hobby of blogging. However, I’m really loving the bright and airiness it gives off, unlike before! Now, There used to be a hideous indoor/outdoor carpet in here and it was AWFUL! My flooring guy that I’ve used in all of my flooring projects throughout the years, ripped it out and discovered some old flooring underneath. Below the first three photos are the before photos- brace yourselves!
Most of the items in my office are either from HomeGoods, thrift stores, or online. I get questions about this beautiful framed coastal art piece, I’ll link similar ones here, here, here, and here.
One of my favorite elements in my office is my seagrass like wallpaper. I have the natural color, but it also comes in a pretty blue. Its a peel and stick option and is under $50 a roll.

Another favorite is my Vintage style rug from India. I love the Turquoise, cream, and fringe color and details. Its a little bit coastal in the colors and boho with the print and tassels. Definitely my vibe!
My desk is also the perfect size for this space- it is a good size but not too big. It’s just how I like it. I purchased it here and its under $200. My curtains are a natural linen and the curtain rod hardware is linked here. I love this curtain hardware and have it throughout my home. The quality is great and sturdy and it comes in other finishes.
The walls used to be a very bright lemony yellow. But I tones it down with the seagrass wallpaper and the color White Duck from SW.


We removed the large cabinet that was taking up so much space and replaced it with my desk which fits so much better. Once we removed the carpet and this large cabinet; the whole space looked five times larger!

Like I said before, I’m loving this space so much and love working from here whenever I work from home. It sparks joy!
Thanks so much for stopping by and reading; I’d love to hear from you. 

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