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Good Evening Friends! I rounded up some great Mother’s Day gifts; as Mother’s Day will be here before you know it! Some gifts I have already purchased for both my Mom and Sister. I’m very excited to share these gift ideas with you. There are a variety of price points as well.


First things first, ALL moms deserve a really cute nightgown. Especially one with that is pink and has magnolias all over it. The best part it is under $50! Next up are these beautiful botanical soy wax sets from Etsy. These are totally unique and your mama would definitely love them.

If your mom loves to cook, I included some great kitchen gadgets and accessories that’ll make food prep a little bit easier. And what mom doesn’t like an easy meal prep gadget?! This salad spinner was a game changer for me- No eating the lettuce leaves with a paper towel. Chop it up, wash it, throw it in, spin it around and there you have it freshly washed dry salad! Now for the coffee drinking mom, this copper French press is stunning ( I gifted one to my sister) and these mugs are a perfect gift as well to go with the French press. 
To all of the candle loving Moms out there- I just discovered this scent and in love. I’m currently burning it down. It’s a delicious blend of citrus and goji. Trust me, it’s a good one.
My Mama loves to journal , specifically Bible journaling. These two are great options and have words of encouragement and gratitude and other uplifting quotes for a mom that may need a little bit of love and uplifting.

This sweatshirts is possibly my favorite of the bunch. Because its customized to your child birth month. So for my mom her sweatshirt  (also comes in a t-shirt) would be a daisy and a narcissus. I was born in December and My sister was born in April. You can even add grandchildren. How fun would that be if you were a mom of 10! You’d have a bouquet🌸

Lastly, this beautiful Floral  embroidered dishcloth is absolutely STUNNING! I purchased this for my mom. It is so pretty that you’d want to frame it- it makes the perfect gift for all moms of all ages. 
I hope that this gift guide was helpful. Stay tuned for Mother’s Day outfits!
Thanks so much for stopping by.💜

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