My Favorite White Bedding

Hi Friends! My master bedroom is FAR from complete; as you may see I have nothing on the walls and barely anything else. But that is totally fine; younger me (6 months ago) would be worrying that every single room in my house is not complete. But older me (6 months later) is just enjoying my home as it is and also enjoying the renovation, decorating process, and pacing myself.
So with that being said, I recently bought my favorite bedding for my room from one of my favorite home brands. Pottery Barn! I bought their PB Essentials bedding, which is just a basic design. But is totally my favorite. The prices are good too and you’re getting quality bedding. BTW- this post is not sponsored, although that’d be great! I just love this brand and my duvet is so perfect to me. I also, have this duvet in my guest room and I even had it at my old house. I also bought some super soft Tencel pillow cases from West Elm. Trust me, these pillowcases are like a cloud! I highly recommend them. I layered my upholstered platform bed with these beautiful white Euro pillow that have a nice texture. They are so beyond perfect!

The bougainvillea was a fun little find at TJMaxx, it was tucked away in a corner and I just had to have it. Its a pretty fuchsia color with slight purple tint. I’m usually not a fan of faux flowers, but these have a realistic look and are so pretty. I found a similar set here and here in case you are interested.

Now here’s a tip for your duvet cover. I have a queen size bed; but for a fluffier duvet, (this one is perfect for light warmth) I bought a king size duvet. Also, buying a good quality duvet also helps with the fluffiness. I’ll definitely be adding more pillows, because ya know! Stay tuned for more decor/design projects.
Thanks so much for stopping by! 
Hugs, Ebonee💜


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