Purple Gingham Tote – Barrington

Hello Hello Hello! I’m in full on spring mode over her. And nothings screams spring more than gingham, am I right?! a few weeks ago I got my new Barrington purple gingham tote delivered straight to my door. And you all know my love for purple- IT IS THE BEST COLOR EVER! I love this style of tote and it fits so much (I carry ALL of the things.)BTW, there’s a zipper option too. I ordered the one without a zipper. The fun thing about ordering from Barrington is that you get to customize your bags or accessories to your specifications. 

 Here are a few more prints that I love and customized to my liking. Everything obviously has purple, and my other favorite color and favorite color combo purple and green. I’m also loving this classic Hydrangea print travel bag, sunglass case, and pouch– It is stunning! Loving this green lattice laptop case with a lavender stripe and monogram. Here is an accompanying travel bag tag in the gingham to contrast and compliment your travel bag. The green lattice tote is a smaller option if you like a different option.


Which ones your favorite? I’d love to know and is it feeling like spring where you live?
If not, I hope that this post brings some sunshine and warmth to you virtually.
Thanks so much for stopping by my little blog.
Hugs from Florida,

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