Designing with green

Hi Friends!
I hope that you are having a great week so far. I’ve been spending a lot of time freshening up my house and yard for spring. And adding small spring touches here and there- like greenery and new pillows. 
One of the colors that you’ll see a lot of in interior design this year is green- of course, I’m not a trendy person. I like what I like, no matter if it’s trendy or not. And so far it’s worked out perfectly for me. So, with that being said, green has always been one of my favorite colors to design my personal home with. Rooms in my house are green, my homes exterior is a beautiful coastal green, and my porch floors are a subtle shade of green. So needless to say, I love green!
Green to me is almost a neutral in interior design; especially if it has a gray undertone. 
Here are a few color combinations green goes well with:
Green and purple (my personal favorite), green and red, I have this color combo in one of my bathrooms. Red is a complimentary color on the color wheel. I ground the brighter red with black and dark wood for a more balanced look. 
Green and pink (a classic), green and black, green and blue. This color combo is on my porch snd it’s so fresh and a cool color combo. Green and metallics like copper or gold- also another personal favorite. 
One way that you can add green to your home is by adding greenery it adds an element of freshness and pulls everything together. You can have beautiful pieces of furniture but to me without that touch of greenery it feels incomplete. That’s why I always have green plants in my house because it pulls all of my beautiful pieces of furniture together. 

These are my favorite shades of green.
Sea Salt is used on my porch floor and one of the bathrooms and hallway.
Oyster bay is used on my homes exterior and plan to pair this color with an eggplant purple accent. 
As you can see these two greens  go quite well with this marble table which has gray in it. These two greens both have gray undertones. 
If you have any questions about this trending color feel free to leave a comment or if you need help pairing colors let me know also. I love to help in that process. 
Thank you so much for stopping by. 


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