Purple Lightweight sweater

Hi There!

As the days stay a little bit lighter everyday, the trees start to turn that bright green with new leaves, and all of the colorful flower buds start peeking out. I’m starting to put away all of my heavy clothing and pull out my lightweight and colorful sweaters. My favorite color in the world is purple; so when I saw that one of my favorite Brands came out with a dark purple sweater, I knew that I had to have it! The weather right now is so perfect, it’s not too hot or too cold. So lightweight sweaters are totally what I’ve been wearing of late. I paired my sweater with my favorite dark purple satin slides (from a couple years ago, so no longer available and my favorite ivory maxi skirt.  There are very few sizes left so if you’d like one, RUN! I’m also loving this ombre purple sweater too!

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