Cauliflower appetizer

Hi Friends! Here’s yet another delicious recipe that I wanted to share with you.
Preheat oven on 375 degrees
One head of cauliflower cut into bite size pieces. 
Toss in oil of your preference or melted butter. I tossed mine in avocado oil.
season with salt and pepper
Grate cheese- Parmesan cheese.
Lay out cauliflower on a baking pan and roast until a little soft and then take out of oven and spread the parmesan over the cauliflower and put back in the oven for another 10 minutes.
Take out of the oven and enjoy once it’s warm enough to eat!
Let me know if you try this recipe. It.Is.So.Delicious!

Thanks so much for stopping by.
P.S. my cabbage plates and pretty purple napkin linens are from Hobby Lobby.💜.


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