Loving Lately part 4

Happy Monday and first Day of February! I can’t believe we are already in the second month of 2021!!!!WOW!

So for you who are new to reading my blog, I love to share things that I’m “Loving Lately.” I can be all kinds of things From home decor, recipes, outfits, books, etc.

So first things first, I’m loving this peel and stick Sea Grass wallpaper that fellow designer and blogger McKenzie recommended. I have textured walls in every room of my home, except for my office, kitchen and Master Bathroom. So I was able to create an accent wall in my office. Its is the perfect addition and adds so much texture. The natural color is perfect and matches the wall color that I already had in place.

I do NOT recommend that you use this wallpaper in bathrooms or on textured walls. However, This wallpaper is very easy to work with and very easy to maneuver and comes in other colors. The price is good too only $44! I used a roll in a half to complete my project.

I’m also loving this cozy cream henley maxi dress. It is actually on sale an extra 40% off the already marked down price. Tonight is the last night for that sale and there’s only a few sizes left.
The Basia cardigan is also my favorite lately- it is so cozy and soft the quality is amazing and I’ve been wearing it so much.

As you may know my little home is featured in the Southern Living magazine Jan/Feb 2021 issue and I’ve been loving all of the sweet messages and new faces over on my Instagram/Eboneeshae. I’m extremely grateful and humbled by the kindness and this wonderful opportunity.

I haven’t been drinking a lot of Iced coffee lately because it just doesn’t sound good. However, when I do get a coffee craving I love kookaburra’s Iced Honey badger. Which is a delicious mix of honey, vanilla and cinnamon- My oh my is it tasty. Its delicious hot or cold. So if you’re ever in St. Augustine be sure to swing by Kookuburra’s- they a few different locations.

Last but not least,  is a book. I love reading and audio books. Saving CeeCee Honeycut was definitely enjoyable. It was recommended by a lovely reader of my blog. I won’t ruin it by spilling what its all about but think Steel magnolia meets The Help- which I love by the way.
Thank you so much for stopping by and reading my little blog. Stay tuned for more.
Hugs from Florida💜

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