Thrift & Antique Store Treasures

Hi Friends! So you all may know that I absolutely love a good home decor/Furniture find. I love it even more when they are a great price and a true treasure and unique.
I don’t like to spend a lot on home decor because I like to switch things up but I also like quality pieces. You can find some great pieces at Thrift/Antique Shops for great prices too. Since I’m always on the road for work, Sometimes on my way home I’ll stop by random places and sometimes I find true gems.
Like this photo below, I was on my way home and swerved into the parking lot when eyed a beautiful chair that now lives in my unfinished Master bedroom-lol😆
This beautiful old Egyptian door piece was a great find at an antique shop that was closing; I bought it for maybe $35 or less. I threw it in my backseat and it was hanging slightly out of the window; but I got home and to this day its one of my favorite pieces.

I love baskets, especially the pattern ones. I found this one at a thrift shop for $2, normally these are quite expensive.

Here’s that chair that I was talking about. Needs a cushion and maybe an accent pillow; but I love it on its own.

This peacock rattan magazine holder was a yard sale find for $5- it currently holds my 2 year old nephews books.

In the picture I mention the lamp, however the large fan in the corner was a thrift store/consignment store find for $10. It gives a great Bali vibe.

This chair was a great price only $5! It was in amazing condition. 
I also found a $10 rattan full size headboard at a salvage yard.

This goes to show that great pieces can be found everywhere, if you do a little searching and look in the unexpected places.
I’ll be sure to share more of my finds with you along the way.
Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs from Florida💜


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