Loving Lately Part 3

 Hi Friends and  Welcome back! I’m back with a “loving lately” post. Just a few things that I have been loving and wanted to share with you all.

First things first, is this sweater that I was so kindly gifted from the Team at sail to Sable for the photo shoot in Palm Beach a week in a half ago. It is such a beautiful sweater and the gold button details are stunning. It’s super warm and made of great quality wool. Runs true to size💜

I’ve been loving my new Jack Rogers, also gifted for the Palm Beach photoshoot. But I honestly have been wearing them every day since I received them. They are soooo comfortable and go with so much. I have the platinum color. 

My favorite cozy and warm purple sweater from Ralph Lauren💜 I truly love this sweater and wish that it was still available to link. But we all know how much I love purple and how I love being cozy. For the two or three cool days we had in the past few weeks; I was able to wear it. I’ll be putting it to good use once it cools down for more than two😆 Here and here is a couple that is similar and here’s a new one from Lilly that’ll be scooping up soon. There’s actually a sale on all three options and they’re a lot less expensive than what I paid for on this one.

Next up are the beautiful blooms outside of my dining room window! Last year I bought a cassia tree and it’s blooming these beautiful bright, golden yellow blooms and it makes my heart so happy to see them as I eat in the dining room.
Lastly my favorite song lately that I’ve been loving and listening to over and over is this song from Group 1 crew. It’s called “He said” I love the message behind it. It’s a wonderful reminder of God’s promises that he said that He’d keep.

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Thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll be back with more blog fun💜

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